New Technology Shift for BMi Research

New Technology Shift for BMi Research

New Technology Shift for BMi Research
BMi Research has switched to Android-powered mobile devices for data capture in a move which will improve the quality and scope of its services to clients.

The company recently switched from a Microsoft platform to Android for its field force software which has enabled improved capture speeds, more secure data management systems and better operational performance, said Greg Avramit, IT Director at BMi Research.

“It’s a more user-friendly platform plus the new devices allow for data capturing techniques like Barcode Scanning, Location Based Services and GPS bread crumbing,” he said. “We’ve also developed a Qlikview dashboard which provides real-time operational insight as well as a remote management system and comprehensive management website. These all enable additional benefits and efficiencies in managing data securely, enhance our field force and improve our operational requirements.”

The application is currently being used for all BMi Research’s In-Store Observations, and will be expanded to include additional functions such as Mystery Shopping and Consumer Research.

The upgrade is part of BMi Research’s mobility strategy to constantly adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands.

According to Laetitia Bromfield, Production Manager at BMi Research: “Mobility is a very exciting and continually evolving field that expands our ability to work anywhere. Just a few years ago, we were capturing all of our data on paper which not only resulted in duplication of work but also left room for human error which affected our entire workflow. Today, we have a single point of data capture that gives us up-to-the-minute, real-time data from the stores.

“These latest developments have enabled BMi Research to further cement its position as a leader in the mobile market research industry and we will continue to strive to deliver beyond our customers’ expectations and offer new and exciting services to the market,” she said.