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Poor Execution Undermines the Power of In-store Activations

Poor Execution Undermines the Power of In-store Activations

In-store promoters or brand ambassadors often don’t do justice to the vital role they play within a brand owner’s marketing strategy. Instead of providing an engaging customer experience that allows customers to positively interact with the brand in the retail environment, they merely provide free samples and at best, a diluted brand presence.

Online Retail Packaging

Online Retail Packaging

Does packaging require a revamp for online shopping? Packaging trends to be led by Mobile Commerce. Online retail represents exciting opportunities for South African marketers. Although the sector is still relatively small compared to total online sales, it’s growing.

A recent study by Dunnhumby showed online grocery shopping in emerging markets like the USA, China, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, Japan and South Africa was growing by 97%. In 2014, the study showed, these markets recorded an online sales penetration of 0.9%.

Although the base is small, projections are large: online retail in South Africa could potentially grow to achieve the 3.5% of total grocery sales over the next few years.

Hello my name is Millennial

Hello my name is Millennial
Millennials are important be this new generation is powerful size, forceful in change potential, tech savvy in how it wishes to engage in the world, thinks globally, eco-friendly and weighs heavily on causes which it values. Can be ruthless with products and brands which it sees over irrelevant, self-seeking, non tech, shy and non-engaging.