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Pricing Intelligence

Simple, scalable, real-time and cost-efficient marketing analytics powered by leading-edge AI and technology

Pricing Tracker

BMi tracks on-shelf pricing, advertised promotional pricing and online pricing through a single platform. Delivering on the growing need for a centralised, reliable source of data collection.


Track competitor price positioning, pricing strategies and current tactics across all platforms through our pricing dashboard.

Instore Pricing Solutions

Customised Instore surveys, track price on shelf, promotions, stock availability, share of shelf, facings within retail and wholesale stores. With a national footprint, covering major areas in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique.


Track real time pricing, compliance, share of shelf and stock availability with a speedy turnaround to action pricing strategies and stock issues.

Promotional Activity & Pricing Intelligence

Promotional Price Tracker is an information resource providing real-time access to advertised promotional activity and pricing across retail and wholesalers in South Africa. 


Our in-depth reporting and online dashboard provide a competitive advantage for clients to track and monitor their advertising activity vs competitors.

E-Commerce Pricing

Automated web extraction, capturing online pricing across all online retailers. Using product attributes and pricing, tracks price changes and discounts, compares retail prices and changes over time as well as analysis of the number of products available per category per online retailer.


In today’s highly competitive E-Commerce economy, monitoring competitor prices in real-time and make data-driven pricing decisions to win customers and improve profitability. Monitor, analyze, and determine systems that enhance your digital presence and product visibility. 

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