BMi Research is a long standing full service
research house specialising in qualitative
and quantitative research solutions.

With multi-sector experience, the BMi team understands industrial and manufacturing research, wholesale to retail intelligence and shopper insights.

Our Solutions

Consumer Behaviour & Business Insights

Providing quantitative and qualitative research solutions with a specific emphasis on client centricity, to ensure that the research we conduct leads to actionable insights, to enhance your business strategy.

Pricing Intelligence & Revenue Growth Management

Specialising in reading the market environment and measures retail data and trends over time. We partner with clients to support their strategic initiatives, providing insights through a single integrated platform.

Meet the Team

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    Kevin Kruger

    Chief Executive Officer

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    Cindi Collett

    General Manager:

    Pricing Intelligence &

    Revenue Growth Management

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    Jenni-Ruth Coggin

    General Manager:

    Consumer Behaviour &

    Business Insights

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    Greg Avramit

    IT Director

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