Our Solutions

  • Category Quantifications

    Incorporating formal & informal market components. Market includes; retail, wholesale, food services, industrial & exports.

  • Consumer

    Getting into the hearts & minds of the consumer through interaction, stimulation & discussion.

  • In-Store Observations

    Gives first-hand insight into brand performance in-store. Monitors competitor product to assess performance & remedy gaps.

  • Commissioned

    For research needs not covered by our standard set of services, we will tailor-make a study solution.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Evaluation of a company’s goods, service & compliance levels to provide brand experience insights from a customer perspective.

  • Print Ads

    Provides an inside picture of the retail promotional environment by tracking competitor promotions & pricing.

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Featured Reports

  • Malt Beer in SA Category Quantification 2016

    The South African malt beer market is a mature one with traditionally little change in volume growth per annum. While the category recorded a substantial growth in 2011, the volume growth was minimal in 2012.

    Sparkling Soft Drinks Category Quantification 2016

    The sparkling soft drinks category saw a pronounced volume growth of 7.0% during 2015. This followed relatively healthy growth during the three preceding years.
  • RTD Sports Drinks Category Quantification 2016

    The RTD sports drinks category recorded a substantial growth in volume for 2015, with volume of 59.4 million litres sold during 2015. The volume grew by 9.6% from the previous year, the highest annual growth seen in the last five years.


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