Our Solutions

  • Category Quantifications

    Incorporating formal & informal market components. Market includes; retail, wholesale, food services, industrial & exports.

  • Consumer

    Getting into the hearts & minds of the consumer through interaction, stimulation & discussion.

  • In-Store Observations

    Gives first-hand insight into brand performance in-store. Monitors competitor product to assess performance & remedy gaps.

  • Commissioned

    For research needs not covered by our standard set of services, we will tailor-make a study solution.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Evaluation of a company’s goods, service & compliance levels to provide brand experience insights from a customer perspective.

  • Print Ads

    Provides an inside picture of the retail promotional environment by tracking competitor promotions & pricing.

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Featured Reports

  • RTD Iced Tea Category Quantification 2016

    The RTD iced tea category continues to increase in both volume and value. The category grew at a higher rate compared to the GDP growth and estimated PCE rates in 2015. The average price per litre increased by was 3.1% compared to an inflation rate of 4.6% in the same period.

    RTD Fruit Juice Category Quantification 2016

    RTD fruit juice continued to grow in volume despite tough economic conditions. The category grew by 2.7% in volume in 2015. The high increase in volume was primarily due to notable increase in selling price rather than volume growth. The industry selling price grew at the same rate as the inflation rate.
  • Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages Category Quantification 2016

    The flavoured alcoholic beverage category declined in volume in 2015. The category value continued to increase year-on-year as the average selling price increase.


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