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Sorghum Beer in SA Category Quantification 2018

Sorghum Beer in SA Category Quantification 2018

The sorghum beer category comprises wet-based sorghum beer and dry-based products. Dry-based sorghum beer fared better than the wet portion of the category. Dry-based volumes saw a growth during 2017, spurred by an increase in beer powder rather than malt powder. In contrast, wet-based sorghum saw a relatively substantial decline for the base year.


The sorghum beer industry is a well-established one and operates within a very competitive space. For the most part, the category performance has not come close to performance of GDP and PCE in the last five years and it is suggested that the category is well into the maturity phase of the product lifecycle. It is believed that the market has reached saturation in terms of supplying demand, and thus faces the natural challenges that go with this.


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October 29, 2018


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