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Bottled Water in SA Category Quantification 2018

Bottled Water in SA Category Quantification 2018

The bottled water category in South Africa continued to grow in both volume and value for 2017.


The category volume growth may be attributed to the following factors:


  • Severe drought conditions led to shortages of water in some regions of the country. Consumers were forced to purchase more bottled water for drinking and household use.
  • An increase in promotional and marketing activities. It is hypothesised that an increase in product awareness naturally leads to greater usage.
  • An increase in health awareness through marketing following the recent publicity around the sugar tax. It is surmised that the bottled water category is taking volume share from alternative beverages that are perceived to be less healthy.
  • Shifts from other non-alcoholic beverage categories that are higher priced compared to bottled water, particularly as consumer spending remains under pressure


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August 8, 2018


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