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Mystery Shopping

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Mystery Shopping

Evaluation of a company’s goods, services & compliance levels in order to provide brand experience insights from a customer perspective.

Uncover Mystery Shopping Insights around:
– Service levels, including staff presentation & attitude, product knowledge & selling skills.
– Store environment, including store & surrounds, store atmosphere.
– Product, merchandise or brand: Compliance & meeting standards.

In order to:
– Recognise & reward outstanding performance.
– Identify areas of weaknesses and strength (own & competitor).
– Test effectiveness of training programmes.
– Determine adherence to organisational standards.
– Verify promotional compliance.

NEW FROM BMi RESERACH: An affordable & Flexible Mystery Shopping Programme

1-2-3 Mystery Shopping Programme (Attack, Unpack & Track):
– A highly flexible 3 Phase Programme & is a significantly more affordable option to conventional Mystery Shopping Programme.
– Use as a sole Mystery Programme &/or to complement or reaffirm current programmes that are in place.
– Conduct any combination of one of all Phases to suit your budget.

1: Attack
– 12 Closed-ended questions of your choice to be asked at a sample of, or all of your branches &/or competitor branches (minimum 20 stores in total).
– For companies with a Mystery Shopping Programme already in place, conduct a snapshot of stores needing remedial action.
– Conduct any combination of one of all Phases to suit your budget.

2: Unpack
– 12 Closed-ended questions of your choice pertaining only to the category lowest in compliance to be asked at branches whose scores did not meet standards set.

3: Track
– Using the same set of questions as Phase 1, revisit same store universe to track performance of if you already have a Mystery Shopping Programme in place, re-evaluate the least compliant stores (those performing below standards set).

1-2-3 Mystery Shopping Programme Costing:
– Costs include: Fieldwork, Travel, Quality Control, Analysis & Reporting.
– Contact us today for costing.
Note: Terms & Conditions Apply


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