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BMi Research is a long standing full service research house specialising in qualitative and quantitative research solutions. With multi-sector experience, the BMi team understands industrial and manufacturing research, wholesale to retail intelligence and shopper insights. Creating actionable insights from research data is what drives us.


Capable of delivering both tactical and strategic data through sophisticated reporting platforms, clients are able to realise the required return on research investment. More than 40 year experience brings a truly refreshing customised approach to research, insights and market intelligence and coupling mobile technology to this makes a compelling offer to our clients

Full Service Agency

BMi’s professional and experienced team provide a complete research solution to our customers, delivering insights across all tiers of the value chain, including the consumer. From fieldwork to insights, BMi covers the full research spectrum.

Multi Sector

BMi provides valuable insights across multiple sectors including automotive, beverages, financial, food, foodservices, ITC, packaging, property, raw materials, retail, technology, and wholesale.

Pricing Specialist

BMi provides valuable insights across multiple sectors including basket analysis, competitive price gaps (RSP), geospatial data, like for like promotional tracker, multi buys, price ladders, price trending report (last 24 months), promotional price discount, promotional pricing, and shelf price.

Why BMi?

BMi utilises technology throughout the research process incorporating fieldwork, capturing and reporting. This allows customers unique and relevant views on data and key metrics. Data integration experience plays a key role in BMi being able to offer clients unique insights.

BMi offers unique market data insights from trended data. Our total market size input is attained by conducting top-down and bottom-up research with all prominent suppliers and manufacturers within particular markets

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