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Getting into the hearts and minds of Consumers through interaction, stimulation and discussion. The Consumer Division has a passionate focus on consumer behaviour, combining professional skills with optimal technology and products to complement insights.

Project teams are hand picked based on their knowledge and expertise of the subject matter and offers a range of research methodologies that aim to give you a multi-dimensional and insightful solution to the understanding of your product or brand.

The division has the ability to draw on BMi Research’s established experience in the retail and wholesale sectors, providing a unique and customized solution to understanding consumer behaviour.

We offer the following products to uncover Shopper Insights:
– Depth Interviews
– Field and Tab
– Focus Groups
– Intercept surveys
– Online Research
– Quota Sample Surveys
– Regional or National Representative Surveys
– Taste Testing
– Workshops
– Online Community Panels

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Research is creating new knowledge. – Neil Armstrong